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Our arrangements - both the structures themselves and the layout - are nothing less than spectacular and we guarantee a successfully organized event at any location.

In fact, for those events which are slightly more ''important'', we can offer the use of grand villas and castles which adds an extra touch of class and atmosphere. The elegance and versatility of our equipment allows us to set up large spaces for large numbers of guests both quickly and efficiently.

Here is a short listing of the more noteworthy events organized by Top Catering:

• Salone Nautico di Genova - Genoa boat show
Salone del “Gusto” di Torino - Turin Wine and Gastronomy Event
• Vinitaly di Verona - Verona International Wine Event
• Bit di Milano - Milan International Tourist Exchange
Fiera del Levante di Tirana (Albania)
• Festa dell’Esercito Italiano (Tor di Quinto) - The Italian Army celebration at Tor di Quinto, attended by 5000 people
Campidoglio (Italian Capitol Hill Convention)
• Santo Spirito
• Senato – The Italian Senate
San Pietro (Vatican Radio)

Some of the location:

Villa Cassia
Villa Majestic Dafne
Casali Margerita
Castello baronale di Collalto Sabino
Castello del Cardinal Silj
Villa dei Cedri
and many others on all the Lazio.




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